This is a pair of Pro-Line Badlands 3.8" (30 Series) All Terrain Tires     
                 with Foam Inserts mounted to Desperado Wheels.                
FEATURES: Fits the front and rear of monster trucks with 17mm wheels           
          Wheels constructed of nylon with a molded-in beadlock ring for scale 
          Six spoke design, black in color with Traxxas style bead             
          Motocross style tread with oversized lugs for grass and dirt         
            shredding performance under all-terrain conditions                 
          M2 medium firmness compound                                          
INCLUDES: Two Badlands 3.8" (30 Series) Tires and Foam Inserts mounted to      
            black Badlands Wheels                                              
SPECS:      Tires-                                                             
          Diameter: 5.85" (149mm)                                              
          Width: 2.72" (69mm)                                                  
          Mounting Bead: 2.8" (71mm)                                           
          Width: 2.7" (70mm)                                                   
          Diameter: 3.8" (96.5mm)                                              
          Hex Size: 17mm                                                       


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