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        This is a pair of Pro-Line M2 Trencher 2.8" All Terrain Truck Tires        
                           mounted to F-11 Black Wheels.                           
    FEATURES: Fits the rear of the Traxxas;                                        
                Nitro Stampede                                                     
                Nitro Rustler                                                      
              Front of the Traxxas;                                                
                Electric Stampede                                                  
                Electric Rustler                                                   
              Front and rear of the Traxxas;                                       
                Stampede 4x4                                                       
              Horizontal H shaped tread for high amount of traction and side-to-   
                side stability                                                     
              M2 medium (yellow) compound                                          
              Oversized tread is nearly 1/4" (6mm) tall                            
              Detailed sidewall design adds to realistic appearance                
              High density molded foam inserts                                     
              11 spoke wheels constructed of DuPont nylon with black satin finish  
              Molded in Bead-loc ring and lug nuts for scale look                  
    INCLUDES: Two Pro-Line Trencher M2 Truck Tires and Foam Inserts mounted to     
                F-11 Black Wheels                                                  
    SPECS:    Outer Diameter: 4.87" (124mm)                                        
              Inner Diameter: 2.8" (71mm)                                          
              Width: 2.55" (65mm)                                                  
              Hex Size 12mm                                                        
                                                                       jxs 10/13/14
    BOX DIMENSIONS:    9.00" W. X   3.00" H. X  10.00" L.
    BOX WEIGHT:     .87 LBS.


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