This is the 105HZ 1.05 cu in Helicopter Engine from O.S. Engines.
FEATURES: Same mounting dimensions as a .90 cu in engine
Machined blue anodized aluminum heatsink cylinder head
Velocity stack increases airflow and enhances engine performance
Backplate accepts the Futaba BPS-1 RPM sensor for the GY701 and
CGY750 gyros
Ideal bore and stroke ratio for lowest vibration
Two year limited warranty through Hobby Services beginning at date of
INCLUDES: 105HZ 1.05 cu in Helicopter Engine with 61E Carburetor
#8 Glow Plug
Air Funnel
0.1mm Head Gasket
0.2mm Head Gasket (installed)
Instruction Manual
REQUIRES: Fuel: Heli blend with 15% nitro content
Glow starter and field equipment
SPECS: Displacement: 1.048 cu in (17.17 cc)
Bore: 1.142" (29mm)
Stroke: 1.024" (26mm)
RPM Range: 2,000 - 16.500
Output: 3.7 ps @ 15,000 RPM
Weight: 21.03oz (596g)
Crankshaft Size: UNF 5/16-24
Carburetor Settings;
High Speed Needle Valve: Approx. 2 turns open from fully closed
Medium Speed Needle valve: 1 turn open from fully closed
Idle Mixture Control Screw: At basic position when engine left
Distance/Center of Mounting Holes Same Side: 0.98" (25mm)
Distance/Center of Mounting Holes Opposite Side: 2.04" (52mm)
Crankcase Width Below Mounting Tabs: 1.7" (43mm)
Crankcase Width at Mounting Tabs: 2.4" (61mm)
Width from Throttle Arm to Center: 1.6" (42mm)
Height from Bottom of Mounting Tabs to Cylinder Head: 3.1" (79mm)
Height/Bottom Mounting Tabs to Muffler Mounting Holes: 1.7" (42.8mm)
Height/Bottom of Crankcase to top of Cylinder Head: 3.9" (99mm)
Length from Backplate to Front Bearing: 3.2" (82.6mm)
Length from End of Crankshaft to Center of Engine: 3.5" (88.7mm)
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