This is a pair of Pro-Line Badlands MX38 3.8" M2 Compound Tires         
               mounted on F-11 Black 1/2" Offset 17mm Wheels.                  
FEATURES: Fits;                                                                
            Arrma Kraton                                                       
            Associated MGT 8.0                                                 
            HPI Savage (17mm)                                                  
            Traxxas E-Maxx, E-Revo Brushless (17mm), Revo 3.3, Summit, and     
              T-Maxx 3.3                                                       
          Motocross-inspired appearance with bolder knobby tread that matches  
            modern MX tire design                                              
          True all terrain tire finds traction on any surface, but is best     
            suited for loose and loamy dirt, mud or grass                      
          M2 medium outdoor high-temperature compound                          
          Wheels constructed of DuPont nylon material, satin black in color    
          Molded-in beadlock ring and lug nuts for scale look                  
INCLUDES: Two Badlands MX38 3.8" M2 Compound Tires with Foam Inserts           
          Two #2742-03 F-11 Wheels, PROC0203                                   
SPECS:    Diameter: 6.91" (176mm)                                              
          Width: 3.70" (94mm)                                                  
          Wheel Offset: .5" (12.7mm)                                           
          Hex Size: 17mm                      


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