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     This is a pair of Pro-Line 3.8" Blockade All Terrain Tires with Foam Inserts  
                   mounted to F-11 Black 1/2" Offset 17mm Wheels.                  
    FEATURES: Fits front and rear of the Traxxas Summit and E-Revo, and other      
                monster trucks with 17mm Hexes that need a wider stance            
              Large pins create massive forward bite on all types of terrain       
              Controllable side bite for quick cornering                           
              M2 medium firmness compound                                          
              Wheels molded from DuPont nylon                                      
              Eleven spoke wheels with satin black finish and simulated beadlock   
              1/2" (12.7mm) wheel offset for wider MT stance                       
    INCLUDES: Two 3.8" Blockade Tires with Foam Inserts, PROC0900                  
              Two F-11 Black 1/2" Offset 17mm Wheels, PROC0203                     
    SPECS:    Diameter: 6.58" (167mm)                                              
              Width: 3.85" (98mm)                                                  
              Hex Size: 17mm                                                       


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