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          This is the Tekin Redline T8 Gen 2 1900kV Sensored Brushless Motor       
                     and the RX8 GEN2 Electronic Speed Control.                    
    FEATURES:   Motor; (TEKC2357)                                                  
              Designed for 1/8 scale buggies                                       
              CNC machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum ribbed heatsink can             
              ROAR approved                                                        
              Sensored and sensorless operation                                    
              Dual plug sensor wire harness                                        
              Four pole neodymium sintered magnet                                  
              ABEC5 precision high-speed oversize bearings                         
              Rebuildable design                                                   
              High current solder tabs                                             
              Solderless sensor PCB replacement                                    
                ESC; (TEKM2301)                                                    
              HotWire PC interface for advanced programming and updating           
                (Hotwire Interface (TEKM1450) and Adapter (TEKM3825) must be       
                purchased separately)                                              
              Datalogging capability                                               
              D2 Dual Drive Mode technology                                        
              Replaceable cooling fan with impact resistant design for off-road    
              On-board teperature indicator                                        
              Pit tune mode                                                        
              Self test diagnostics and factory reset                              
              DGF2 digital glitch filtering V2                                     
              Sensor plug for precise communication with all motors                
              HDAC high density copper PCBs                                        
    INCLUDES: Tekin Redline T8 Gen 2 1900kV Sensored Brushless Motor with the      
                RX8 GEN2 ESC, Sensor Wire and Cooling Fan              


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