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    This is the 8x1.0mm Double Jam Nut Adapter Kit from Tru-Turn.         
    FEATURES: Steel construction.                                                  
              The screw is tapped 10-32 for cone screw.                            
              Used to mount Tru-Turn aluminum spinners onto the following engines: 
                YS .90, 1.20, 1.40 4-Stroke Engines                                
    INCLUDES: One Adapter Nut                                                      
              One Adapter Jam Nut                                                  
              One Propeller Washer                                                 
              One Aluminum Bushing                                                 
    REQUIRES: 1/2" End Wrench To Tighten                                           
              Tru Turn Aluminum Spinner                                            
    SPECS:    Crankshaft Thread Size: 8 x 1.0mm                                    
              Spinner Mounting Bolt Thread Size: 10-32                             
              Bushing Size: Inner: 8mm   Outer: 3/8"           
    COMMENTS: Will Not Fit Smaller Than 2-1/2", Too Small.  


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