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    Special designed blades for each type offlying. Engineered and tested by our team pilots. German know-howand European manufacturing. Excellent quality, continuous qualityinsurance to enforce highest manufacturing and performancestandards.

    Spin Blades 3D
    High quality German engineered symmetrical rotor blades optimizedfor 3D flight.
    Heli Blades Type Length Chord Root Bolt Weight (approx)
    SB 325 3D CF 325mm 34mm 4mm 3mm 27g
    SB 435 3D CF 435mm 46mm 9mm 3mm 57g
    SB 515 3D CF 515mm 53mm 10mm 4mm 102g
    SB 550 3D CF 550mm 53mm 10mm 4mm 108g
    SB 600 3D CF 600mm 58mm 12mm 4mm 125g
    SB 620 3D CF 620mm 58mm 12mm 4mm 130g
    SB 690 3D CF 690mm 68mm 12mm 4-5mm 165g
    SB 710 3D CF 710mm 68mm 12mm 4-5mm 170g


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