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    Designed to balance your DX7, DX7se and DX6 2.4GHz transmitter when using a neck strap.


    • Quickly and easily attaches to your transmitter
    • Helps balance your DX7, DX7se & the original DX6 transmitters with 2.4GHz antennas


    This adapter was specifically designed for the DX7, DX7se and the original DX6 (not to be confused with the DX7s or the DX6i).

    This adapter has also been approved to use on the JR DSM 12X and 9503 radios.

    Tech Notes

    Does not work with the DX6i Radio. The DX6i radio should not require this adapter for balancing purposes.

    You will need...

    #1 Phillips Screw Driver

    2.5mm Hex Wrench



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