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    The Veles™ 29-inch catamaran from Pro Boat® features an all-new catamaran hull design, powered by a new 2000Kv brushless motor propelling it to speeds of 50+ miles per hour on 6S Li-Po Batteries.
    Needed to Complete
    • (2) 2S-3S 5000mAh, 50C LiPo Battery with EC5 Connector
    • (1) Lipo Battery Charger
    • (4) AA Batteries
    What's in the box?
    • (1) Veles 29 Catamaran Boat
    • (1) Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz Transmitter
    • (1) Spektrum SR310 DSMR 3-Channel Receiver
    • (1) Dynamite® 120A Marine Brushless Marine 2-6S ESC
    • (1) Dynamite Marine Brushless Motor, 2000Kv
    • (1) Spektrum 3KG Plastic Gear Servo
    • (1) User Manual


    The Veles 29-inch Catamaran looks as good as it performs. It has much in common with the Blackjack 29, but has some new tricks up its sleeve-including an all-new hull and a 6-pole 2000Kv motor that is more efficient and powerful. On 4S Li-Po, the motor can propel the boat to 45+ miles per hour. With 6S power, this boat can hit speeds of 50+ miles per hour. The Veles 29 has an anodized, inline, adjustable propeller strut, offset rudder with water pick up, and stainless steel propeller. This boat is responsive and predictable, making it easy to drive. Whether this is your first RC watercraft or you've been driving boats for years, you'll love the speed, power and handling of this slick catamaran.


    Hand-laid Fiberglass Composite Hull and Canopy

    Laid in three layers of fiberglass and hardened with high-strength resin, the hull and canopy are built to last! The hull's stiffness allows it to be more predictable-it deforms far less than heat-molded hulls and can withstand speeds in which most heat-molded hulls would fold. Fiberglass constructed hulls are built for performance just like the real boats you see racing offshore.

    Optimized Hull Design

    The new hull design features redesigned, stepped ride pads like real 1:1 catamarans. These steps give the boat a smoother ride along the water and ultimately provide more precise steering responses. The hull's design merges the best features of Pro Boat models such as the Miss Geico and Blackjack 29. The canopy has four thumbscrews that secure the hatch in case of crashes.


    Removable Injection-Molded Interior

    Thanks to the interior's composite material, there's no need for an inner wood structure. To remove the interior, simply unbolt it for servicing.

    Powerful 2000Kv 6-Pole Marine Motor

    This powerful 36x56 mm motor features the same Kv as the motors of our other 29-inch boats, but offers more speed on less voltage when paired with the new stainless steel propeller included with the boat. You no longer need to run 6S power to get 6S speeds.

    Adjustable Aluminum Propeller Strut

    The adjustable aluminum propeller strut lets you completely tune your boat for optimal performance in changing water and wind conditions. The flat bottom on the propeller strut acts like a trim tab and makes adjustments much more precise. With the new propeller strut, even small adjustments go a long way.

    Break-Away Rudder with Water Inlet

    The Veles uses a break-away rudder to safeguard the rudder and transom from floating objects or in the event the boat runs on shore. The water inlet helps cool the electronics even at low speeds and increases flow with forward momentum.

    Spektrum SLT3 2.4GHz Radio

    The 3-channel SLT3 transmitter offers all you need for dependable, confident control. User-adjustable features include steering and throttle trims, steering rate, and throttle limits. The control layout is amazingly intuitive — all controls are perfectly positioned to be quickly accessible when needed and out of the way when not in use. The SLT3 transmitter's overall low weight lets you drive all day without fatigue. Its steering wheel is foam-covered for a no-slip grip. There's also a handy mount for attaching a lanyard, so you can focus on driving without worrying about dropping and damaging your radio.

    High-Torque Waterproof Steering Servo

    The high-torque steering servo offers peace of mind because the boat will stay in the direction you point it despite tricky water conditions.


    Approximate Assembly Time
    No assembly required
    Sold Separately
    10.5" (267 mm)
    Sold Separately
    Completion Level
    Drive System
    Flex Shaft
    Hull Height
    Hull Material
    Motor Size
    6-pole 2000Kv
    Motor Type
    Product Length
    29" (737 mm)
    Product Weight
    5.25 lbs (2380g)
    Propeller Size
    1.7 x 1.6 (43 x 63.5mm)
    Speed Control
    Offset Rudder
    Trim Scheme Colors
    White and Silver Decals


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