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    Product Description

    The PhantoMount X2 Gimbal frame and mounting plate is made entirely of 1.5mm carbon fibre and arrives  unassembled without vibration dampeners installed. Designed to work on many platforms this gimbal utilizes two HiTec 5245MG Digital Ball Bearing servos (not included) directly mounted to both the pitch and roll axis of the camera. This reduces overall weight, fewer moving parts and greatly simplifies the design of the gimbal.

    Utilizing the Gimbal Stabilization built into the DJI Phantom flight controller you can directly power and control the gimbal. No additional expensive stabilization controller is needed.

    Rc-Drones recommends that you power your PhantoMount X2 gimbal servos through a 6v BEC harness. This will provide smoother reaction and cleaner videos.

    It was designed for the DJI Phantom, but can be used on other platforms.

    Not included 2 x Hitec HS-5245MG Digital Servos.



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