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    Lynx Heli Innovations propose a special edition of canopy post for your 550X.

    Our system is composed by an aluminum rod to install in the frame and a thumbs screw to install in the canopy made by two material, SST screw and Aluminum Thumbs gear.

    Our intensive test and experience declare that system the best compromise of lightweight and extra durability design.

    During the design and test we discovery a binding between the canopy and the two side servos linkage ball thread. This situation was fixed made the aluminum rod little longer, without transform the original canopy design and shape.

    We supply special rubber grommet to replace the standard one, Lynx one are harder to stay longer without cut or break so easy.

    The Thumbs Screw have a special design that once installed in the canopy grommet can easy rotate, but will stay clamped on the Grommet, this symple solution will evoid too loose the thumbs screw even once the canopy is not installed.

    Canopy operation will be incredible easy thanks Lynx canopy support.



    -              Canopy Support and Thumbs screw designed with easy operation:  easy centering and screwing.

    -              Thumbs Screw clamp on the grommet avoidign desagreable parts lost.

    -              Bi-material Thumbs screw for the best compromise of Lightweight and durability, avoiding wear friction issue of normal Aluminum  / Aluminum canopy post design.

    -              Fast thread features will reduce the number of revolution to lock / unlock the canopy compare normal metric thread.

    -              Special military style thumbs screw assures the ultimate grip. Will provide perfect lock and unlock operation during situations when hands are covered with dirt and oil.

    -              Resized design to avoid canopy / servo linkage binding.



    - Canopy Support Material: Aluminum 6061-T6

    - Grommets Material:  EPDM Black 80 Shore Durometer

    - Thumbs Screw Material: Aluminum 6061-T6 + SST 304

    - Hardware: Chrome Steel

    - Assembly weight: 7.5g (complete set)



    2 x CNC Canopy Support with M3 set screw factory assembled –  Red Color

    2 x Heavy Duty Rubber Grommets

    2 x CNC Bi-Material Thumbs Screw.



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