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    FrSky's X4R receiver features 4 PWM outputs (normal servo), plus the exciting new Smart Port and a traditional A2 port are all located on the side of the receiver. A FrSky FBVS can be connected to the A2 port for simple voltage monitoring as well as all of the Smart Port based sensors. Smaller than the X6R, but still packing the new Smart Port that works with the new hubless digital sensors.
    Note: This version of the X4R does not include the Sbus output. This is only a 4 channel receiver. No SBus and no CPPM output

    • RSSI (PWM) output
    • Lighter weight and physically smaller than D8R-II
    • Two selectable failsafe setting options - native failsafe or user programmable failsafe
    • External analog telemetry port (AD2)
    • Number of Channels: 4ch
    • Operating Voltage Range: 4V~10V
    • Operating Current: 100mA
    • Operating Range: Full Range (>1.5km)
    • Dimension: 40 x 22.5 x 6mm
    • Weight: 5.8g
    • Compatibility: FrSky X-series modual (XJT, etc) & Taranis X9D in D16 Mode
    *Note: Does not work with D-series module


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