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    This is the CC BEC Pro High Output Switching Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC)
    from Castle Creations.
    FEATURES: Ideal for use in larger RC cars, electric aircraft, and electric
    helis 500 size and larger that have high power demands for their
    radio system
    Also works well in larger electric powered RC aircraft and RC
    crawlers and monster trucks that use high powered servos
    INCLUDES: CC BEC Pro High Output Switching BEC with connectors and instruction
    REQUIRES: Installing between battery and receiver
    SPECS: Max Input: 12S LiPo (50.4V)
    Max Output Current: 20 amps peak
    Adjustable Output Voltage: 4.8V-12.5V
    Max Continuous Current: Input Voltage Max Continuous Output Current
    16V 15A
    24V 13A
    32V 11A
    40V 9A
    48V 8A
    Length: 1.69" (43mm)
    Width: 1.3" (33mm)
    Height: 0.94" (24mm)
    Weight (w/o wires): 1 oz (29 g)



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