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    This is a pair of Duratrax Bandito Short Course C2 Tires and Wheels for the
    front and rear of the Losi SCTE 4x4.
    FEATURES: C2 (soft) compound is comparable to Pro-Line M3 and AKA soft ratings
    Designed for asphalt, concrete, and hard, smooth surfaces
    Ideal for high traction conditions
    Color-coded sidewall markings make it easy to identify each tread
    pattern at a glance
    One-piece foam inserts
    INCLUDES: Two each, Bandito C2 Tires, Foam Inserts, and Black Wheels
    SPECS: Diameter: 4.2" (107mm)
    Width: 1.6" (42mm)
    Hex size: 0.47" (12mm)



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