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          These are the Axial Beadlock Monster Truck Wheels                  
                 For Monster Trucks that use a 17mm Hex Adapter.                   
    FEATURES: Strong Super Composite Construction                                  
              Black Chrome in Color                                                
              Eight Hole Wheel Design                                              
              Bead-Lock Type Tire Mounting                                         
              Anodized Grey 6061 Aluminum Bead Lock Ring                           
    INCLUDES: Two 8-Hole Black Chrome Bead Lock Wheels                             
              Four Grey Aluminum Bead Lock Rings                                   
              Forty-Eight 2mm x 10mm Socket Head Cap Screws                        
              Four 17mm Nylon Wheel Spacers                                        
              One Instruction Sheet                                                
    REQUIRES: Tires                                                                
              Tire glue DTXR2000, DTXR2002                                         
    SPECS:    Outer Diameter: 102.21mm (4.024")                                    
              Width:          82.14mm (3.234")                                     
              Offset:         20.21mm (0.795")                                     
              Hex Adapter:    17.00mm (0.669")       


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