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                    These are Du-Bro 2-56 Threaded Rods 48" long.                  
    FEATURES: Steel construction                                                   
              Threaded on one end                                                  
    INCLUDES: 1 threaded rods                                                     
    REQUIRES: Coupler and/or Clevis. Can use (but not limited to) the following:   
                   GPMQ3831 Threaded solder coupler                                
                   GPMQ3790 Threaded steel clevis                                  
                   GPMQ3810 Solder clevis                                          
    SPECS:    Length:        48"      (122cm)                                      
              Thread Length:   .75"    (19mm)                                      
              Diameter:        .072"  (1.8mm)                                      


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