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      This a 7/8" x 5/16-24 A-Style Prop Nut from Tru-Turn.             
    FEATURES: Superior quality Barstock Aluminum construction.                     
              Steel "Torque Bar" for tightening.                                   
    INCLUDES: (1) Prop Nut                                                         
              (1) Tightening Tool                                                  
    SPECS:    Base Diameter: 1"            Dome Diameter: 7/8"                     
              Thread Size:   5/16-24       Length:        1-3/8"                   
              Approx.Weight: 1.1oz                                                 
    COMMENTS: Using an electric starter with this prop nut would require modeler to
                turn the starter rubber insert around to use the smaller hole or   
                purchasing a new rubber insert with a smaller hole.                


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