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              These 100° Pneumatic Retracts (main gear only) from Robart.          
    FEATURES: Strong steel construction                                            
              Light weight construction                                            
              3/16" tempered steel gear legs                                       
              Pneumatically operated                                               
              For .60-.90 size models (5-12 lbs)                                   
    INCLUDES: Two Pneumatic Retracts                                               
              Eight 3MM S/T Screws                                                 
    SPECS:    Weight (per pair):  6 oz.                                            
              Retract Mechanism:  1.75" wide x 1.75" long x 1.125" deep            
              Struts:  6.25" long x 3/16" wire                                     
    REQUIRES: Air control kit (ROBQ2307) *per Robart                               
              Hand pump w/gauge (ROBQ2363)                                         
              Two Robostruts (ROBQ1700)                                            
              Two Wheels (size and style depends on selected aircraft)             
              Air Line Restrictors (ROBQ2389)                                      
              Air Line Disconnects (ROBQ2395) 


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