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    SULQ3003.ACC SULLIVAN PUSH RODS & PUSH CABLES Sullivan Gold-N-Rods feature     
    patented splines on their Yellow inner rods for a no-bind, smooth operation.   
    They're made of a special temperature-compensated material to minimize         
    shrinkage. The Flexible Pushrods, Semi-Flexible Pushrods, and Push Cables      
    now come with the Gold-N-Clevis which provides a complete quality pushrod      
    connection. It has a spring steel retaining clip that won't allow the          
    Gold-N-Clevis to slip, even under heavy use. The Gold-N-Clevis is brass plated,
    allowing you to solder it in place. Also available separately (pkg of two).    
    The high-stress rods are three times stronger than the flexible rods and are   
    designed for 1/4 scale models (clevis is included). Dubro's 4-40 Threaded Rods 
    are made of steel and available 2 per package in a 12" length, which may be cut
    to your desired dimension. Othe sizes are also available as indicated in the   
    lines below. Control Rod Clamps are available in medium and large sizes.       
    BOX DIMENSIONS:    2.50" W. X    .25" H. X   4.25" L.
    BOX WEIGHT:     .01 LBS.


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