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     This is a 2-Position Long Toggle switch used in Futaba radios.        
                      This will NOT work in the 9Z Series Radio.                   
    FEATURES:  Two positions                                                       
               Chrome look flat Toggle switch.                                     
               Ready to be mounted to PC board.                                    
    INCLUDES:  One 2-position toggle switch.                                       
    REQUIRES:  Installation into "out of warranty" radio.                          
    SPECS:     Length of switch from base (top of threads): .80" (20mm)            
    COMMENTS:  Futaba provides these spare parts as a courtesy to those modelers   
               with the skills and tools to replace the switches on their older,   
               out-of-warranty, dropped or damaged radios.  Futaba provides no     
               instructions and accepts no liability in the installation of        
               these replacement switches.  REPLACING THESE SWITCHES MAY VOID      
               YOUR WARARNTY on an IN-WARRANTY radio, and under no circumstances   
               may Futaba be held responsible for damage done as a result of the   
               switch replacement.                                                 
                     Switch               Part Number                              
                 -8UA F/P non-Super and Super (airplane):                          
               A, D, E:                FUTM3676                                    
                  G:                   FUTM3677                                    
                  B, H:                FUTM3678                                    
                  C:                   FUTM3679                                    
                  F:                   FUTM3680                                    
                    -8UH F/P non-Super and Super (helicopter):                     
                  A, D, G:             FUTM3676                                    
                  E:                   FUTM3677                                    
                  B, F:                FUTM3678                                    
                  C:                   FUTM3679                                    
                  SSw H:              FUTM3680                                     
                   -6VA (airplane):                                                
                 trainer:             FUTM3680                                     
                 all except trainer:  FUTM3676                                     
                   -6VH (heli) (has no trainer function):                          
                 All except gear:     FUTM3676                                     
                 Gear/ch 5 6VH:       FUTM3678                                     
                   -5UA, 6XA and 6XAS (airplane):                                  
                 Ele, ail D/R:        FUTM3676                                     
                 Gear/Flap -air:      FUTM3676                                     
                 Gear - Heli:         FUTM3678                                     
                 Air Brake - Air:     FUTM3678                                     
                 IdleUp/ThrHold-Heli: FUTM3676                                     
                 Gear:                FUTM3676                                     
                 For the D/R switch and Trainer switch you would need to contact   
                   the warranty center.                                            
                   -7UA F/P non-Super or Super (airplane):                         
                 Ele/Ail D/R, gear, mix: FUTM3676                                  
                 Rudder D/R:             FUTM3676                                  
                 Mix:                    FUTM3679                                  
                   -7UH F/P non-Super or Super (helicopter):                       
                 Ele/Ail D/R, Thr Hold:  FUTM3676                                  
                 Rudder D/R:             FUTM3676                                  
                 Ch 5/Ch 7:              FUTM3678                                  
                 Idle up:                FUTM3677                                  


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