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    This is the Latina 1:90 Scale San Francisco II Spanish Galleon S. XVI
    kit. The most fearsome ships of the Spanish Armada were her galleons,
    sailing ships that first appeared in the middle of the 16th century and
    which were, for a hundred and fifty years, the warships par excellence.
    The San Francisco II was one of the most outstanding of its age.
    FEATURES: Hand sewn main, top, stay and fore sails.
    All-wood construction features African Walnut, Mukali, Sapelly
    Mahogany, Manzonia, Ramin, Apple-Wood plywood and boxwood.
    Brass hardware such as blocks, eyebolts, fore-sheet bars, pinracks
    and much more.
    Four colors of thread, brown and raw (pale green) for different
    rigging applications.
    INCLUDES: One Latina 1:90 Scale San Francisco II Spanish Galleon Model Kit with
    pre-sewn sails, all fittings and rigging, all deck planking, hull
    masts bowsprit, ten rolls of rigging thread, flag, photo-illustrated
    instruction sheet and plans.
    REQUIRES: Contact cement, needle nose pliers, small hammer, hobby knife,
    Hand saw, hand drill, sandpaper.
    SPECS: Scale: 1:90 (1ft = 2/15")
    Length: 26-3/4" (680mm)
    Height: 20-7/16" (520mm)
    Beam: 9-7/16" (240mm)



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