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    This is the Castle Creations Parallel Battery Wire Harness with Deans Plugs.
    FEATURES: Connects two battery packs in parallel, enabling capacity (mAh) to be
    doubled while the voltage stays the same
    10 gauge wires
    RoHS compliant
    INCLUDES: Parallel Battery Wire Harness with two Deans Male Ultra Plugs and one
    Deans Ultra Female Plug
    SPECS: Length: 5.5" (140mm) not including connectors
    COMMENTS: Always use identically prepared packs with this harness. Both packs
    must be fully charged and properly balanced. Both packs must be
    made by the same manufacturer, have the same C rating, same number
    of cells, and both must have the same capacity. Failure to observe
    this warning will result in battery damage.



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