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    •Brushless Motor with micro brushless 4-in-1 ESC 
    •SAFE® technology makes drone flying easy 
    •Channel changing 25mW video transmitter 
    •New durable frame design 
    •4 minute flying time 

    The Blade® Inductrix® FPV BL BNF® Basic drone brings all the features customers have been asking for in the most capable and feature-packed Inductrix platform yet. SAFE® technology makes flying simple while the ducted propeller design allows you to bounce off walls and objects without crashing! New channel changing video transmitter allows you to specifically tune to your preferred frequency and channel right from your Spektrum™ G2 or greater transmitter. Innovative Meow Mode™ allows you to flip the quadcopter back upright after a crash by quickly reversing the motor direction. The brushless power system brings a totally new experience while maintaining the size, simplicity, and durability that makes it one of the most popular platforms on the market. The On Screen Display now offers vital battery and telemetry data right in your video feed, so you always know where your battery and flight time stands. All this comes in a convenient Bind-N-Fly® Basic package. Add a Spektrum™ transmitter, goggle or monitor, and 1S 500mAh battery plus charger and start your adventure. 

    Meow™ Mode 
    Innovative Meow Mode™ will flip a crashed, upside down craft to an upright orientation at the push of a button, no more walk of shame! Just like a cat, the Inductrix FPV BL will always land on its feet. 

    SAFE® Technology 
    Angle Mode: Keeps you flying fast and in control with renowned self-leveling 
    Altitude Mode: Maintains distance from ground while providing self-leveling, perfect for beginners 
    Agility Mode: Freshly tuned agility mode takes full advantage of the brushless motors, with no self-leveling and full acrobatic capabilities 

    Channel Changing Video Transmitter 
    Easily change the channel on your video transmitter without the guesswork. Your G2 Spektrum™ radio lets you specifically select what frequency and channel you want to be on. 

    Crisp Video 
    Clean video is relayed via a new CMOS camera and 25mW video transmitter that's more than capable of traversing larger spaces, and friendly to other pilots. 

    On Screen Display 
    The on screen display presents vital battery and telemetry data to your goggles or on your external display screen. Quickly adjust OSD and telemetry settings directly from your transmitter. 

    New Frame Design 
    A newly engineered main frame significantly increases the durability of the drone, so crashes are stress-free. The canopy fully protects the camera, video transmitter, and flight controller while the airframe protects the motors and propellers from bumps and crashes. 

    Bind-N-Fly® Completion 
    No soldering or tinkering necessary, high performance right out-of-the-box.

    Tech Notes

    You will need...

    1S 500mAH battery (UM) and charger 
    Spektrum Transmitter 
    FPV Monitors or Goggles 


    Gross Weight
    55 grams
    110 mm
    Motor Size
    Brushless 0706 15000kv
    Rotor Blade Length
    40 mm




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